Get Involved with the Zoo




Where and when can I get the books?

The gift shops at the Columbus Zoo have the books available every day the zoo is open. Ask for them during your next visit!
You can also find the Columbus Zoo books at local bookstores and at online bookstores.
If you are a school or retailer, contact Lerner Publishing Group to place your order.

Who wrote these books?

Local authors—Nancy Pimm, John Becker, and Linda Stanek—worked closely with the zoo personnel to interview, observe, and get involved in the conservation efforts behind both books. Check out the zoo’s calendar for dates when the authors will be there to sign your copies!

Which conservation efforts are being helped by the sales of these books?

This varies by book. For example, a portion of the sales of the Frenemies for Life book, for example, will be contributed to the Cheetah Species Survival Plans, which the zoo already supports. You can find the information about these efforts on the back cover of our books.

Can I order books from the zoo?

You can buy books on the zoo grounds, but to place an order, you will need to contact our book distributor, Lerner Publishing Group. You can find their information on the Contact Us page. Discounts will be available through Lerner. Schools, libraries, and booksellers should contact Lerner to place orders, as well.

Will there be more books?

We sure hope so! The book program depends on the interest in and the sales of our books. The more books we sell, the more books we can plan on publishing in the future. Generous patrons have made these first books possible. If you’d like to support the children’s book program financially, contact the zoo office. We look forward to telling more stories and reaching more children with our books. If you have a question, please send us an email. We will be adding to this FAQ page as more questions come in.