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Reviews and Awards

Reviews and Awards


Great reviews for Beco’s Big Year!

Wrapped in Foil blog, 2/28/11:
“Talk about huge child appeal! Beco’s Big Year:  A Baby Elephant Turns One by Linda Stanek has it all:  an adorable baby elephant as the main character, a compelling and well-written story, behind-the-scenes peeks at zoo life, and captivating photographs. What a fun book!”
Simply Science blog, 1/26/11:
“The book is fascinating and should appeal as a fact gathering book, a great story time nonfiction book, or just a fun read or picture study. I liked the book so much, and it’s so well written and designed, I wanted in as a finalist in the NFPB Cybils. It’s one every library should have because every youngster will enjoy it.”
This blog also includes some great activities to go along with the book!
School Library Journal, 11/1/10:
“Stanek presents a well-written description of the milestones in an Asian baby elephant’s life. . . .The author keeps up a well-paced narrative that will give young readers insight into how the zoo’s handlers teach the baby to be obedient so that they can keep him healthy and strong in this special environment. Library collections need Stanek’s work because there is little that brings to life the intimate struggle of zoos and conservation efforts at an easy reading level.”
NC Teacher Stuff blog, 1/3/11:
“If Beco the elephant is a “rock star” at the Columbus Zoo, then Beco’s Big Year must be his official biography. From the womb to his first birthday party (complete with an ice birthday cake), author Linda Stanek chronicles Beco’s  first year of life and provides an informative backstage look at what goes into taking care of a baby elephant. There is a nice mix of facts (most elephants are born during the night), narrative, and photographs that will keep young readers interested.”
Offers some great ideas for using Beco’s Big Year in the classroom.

Colo’s Story Chosen by JLG!

We are pleased to announce that the Junior Library Guild (JLG) has chosenColo’s Story for its Spring 2011 list of the best new books for young readers. The book will be sent to schools and libraries around the country, introducing a new generation to the story of Colo, the world’s first zoo-born gorilla. Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved in the book: the staff at the Columbus Zoo (especially Dusty, Patty, and Andy), Nancy Pimm (the author), Tracie Maye (the designer), Grahm Jones (photography coordinator), and the generosity of the Coultrap family for making the book possible.

Frenemies for Life and Beco’s Big Year

have been nominated in nonfiction categories for the CYBILS Awards list.
“A Year of Reading” blog, 8/15/2010:
About Frenemies for Life:
“This is a great little book with one-or two-page chapters and fabulous photography. It’s the kind of nonfiction book a 3rd-5th grader could read cover to cover. We are always on the look-out for nonfiction our students can READ and not just BROWSE.”
About Beco’s Big Year:
“I just dare you to read this book without saying, ‘Awwww…!’”