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Ohio Wildlife Center

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium often receives calls about sick or injured wildlife in the community.  Because the Zoo cannot respond to all of these calls we happily support the work of the Ohio Wildlife Center (OWC).
OWC is a premier non-profit wildlife rehabilitation organization, and is nationally recognized as an authority on native Ohio wildlife issues.  Every year, almost 5,000 injured, orphaned and sick wild animals, representing over 100 different species, are admitted to its emergency facility.  OWC is also the only wildlife center in Ohio equipped with immediate and continual veterinary expertise and services.
If you encounter a sick or injured animal and what to know what you should do please CLICK HERE to be redirected to OWC's Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions after visiting this link please call OWC at 614-793-WILD

SCRAM! Wildlife Control

If you have any wildlife living in, around or under your home or business, call SCRAM! Wildlife Control for a natural, humane and permanent solution. CLICK HERE for additional information. 
SCRAM! Wildlife Control's Mission
Provide superior, permanent solutions to prevent and resolve conflicts between people and Ohio’s wildlife.