Get Involved with the Zoo

Australia and the Islands

Take a journey to the land down under in Australia and the Islands, presented by OhioHealth. This exciting adventure to the outback and neighboring islands of Asia will transport you to a world where a kiwi is not just a fruit, but also a national bird, and a lorikeet may land on your shoulder to indulge in a sweet treat.

Who You’ll Meet

Along your adventure, you can watch koalas snooze in the shade of the trees and get up close with kangaroos as they hop along the path. Continue your journey through the islands of Asia and come face-to-face with gibbons, orangutans and more! To learn about all the animals you’ll find in Australia and the Islands, visit our animal page.

Just for the Kids

Kids can explore several areas designed for them and the whole family.
  • Kangaroo Walkabout: You’ll feel just like you’re in the kangaroos’ backyard in this habitat – because you are! As you walk alongside the kangaroos, a knowledgeable Zoo staff member will tell you all about these funny, furry marsupials.
  • Lorikeet Garden: Families and children of all ages can walk through the world of these beautiful birds. You even can purchase a cup of nectar and feed them right from your hand! 
  • Islands of Asia Boat Ride: While gliding along the water, your family will get a view of the gibbons, siamangs and some of the other residents of the region unlike what you’ll ever see from the pathway. This attraction is open seasonally.

Connecting to Conservation

While exploring Australia and the Islands, don’t forget that by supporting the Zoo, you’re also helping to support many conservation projects dedicated to preserving the animals that call this region home in the wild. One of the conservation projects the Zoo supports each year through its Conservation Fund is the Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project, which works to protect wild orangutans in Malaysian Borneo. The Zoo has been supporting the Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project since 1998, enabling conservationists to better understand the various issues threatening orangutans in this area, such as loss of habitat, and coordinate efforts like reforestation projects to help these magnificent creatures of the forest.