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Friends Calendar

2014 Friends of the Columbus Zoo Calendar

Board Meetings:                                                          Blue
General Membership Meetings:                      Green
Volunteer Opportunities:                                    Red

January 12             Board                                      9:30 a.m.  Zoo Business Office
February 5             General Membership                6 p.m.   Zoo Business Office 
March 5                  Board                                        6 p.m.    Tartan Fields
March 12                Association Board                   6 p.m.    Zoo
March                    Zoo at the Blue Jackets            Nationwide Arena
April 2                     General Membership                6 p.m.  Zoo Business Office
April 19                   Eggs, Paws and Claws            9 a.m.  Zoo
April 20                   Eggs, Paws and Claws            9 a.m.  Zoo
April 26                   Earth Day Celebration             10 a.m.   Zoo
May 7                      Board                                           6 p.m.     Tartan Fields
May 17                    WildzFest                                   The Wilds
May 22                    Africa Ribbon Cutting                Zoo
May                         Zoo Night at Clippers               Clippers Stadium
May                         CYP Volunteer Fair                  TBD
May 27-Jun. 2        Memorial Tournament             Memorial Tournament
June 4                     General Membership                6 p.m.   Zoo Business Office                   
June 18                   Association Board                    6 p.m.   Zoo
June 21                   Zoofari                                        5 p.m.   Zoo
July 9                       Board                                         6 p.m.   Tartan Fields
July 12 & 13            KidzFest                                    Zoo
July                          Nationwide Children's Hospital Invitational   OSU Golf Club 
July                          Zoo with the Ohio Machine       Selby Stadium
August 9                 Teddy Bear Safari                      9 a.m.    Zoo
August  23              Brew at the Zoo                          7 p.m.    Zoo, Water's Edge
August                     Zoo with the Crew                      Crew Stadium



September 3            Board                                        6 p.m.     Tarten Fields
September 10          Association Board                  6 p.m.     Zoo
September 20          Fall Fest                                    Zoo
September 20          Rwandan Fete                          Zoo
September 21          Fall Fest                                    Zoo 
October 2                 General Membership               6 p.m.    Zoo Business Office 
October 11               Wine for Wildlife                       Zoo
October 17               Boo at the Zoo                          5 p.m.     Zoo
October 18               Boo at the Zoo                          9  a.m.    Zoo
October 19               Boo at the Zoo                          9  a.m.    Zoo
October 24               Boo at the Zoo                          5  p.m.    Zoo
October 25               Boo at the Zoo                          9  a.m.    Zoo
October 26               Boo at the Zoo                          9  a.m.    Zoo
November 5              Board                                        6 p.m.     Tartan Fields
November                 Santa Paws Workshop          Zoo
November 16            Wildlights Preview Night        TBD          Zoo
December 7             Holiday Party                            3-5 p.m.      Zoo, Education Building
December 10           Association Board                   6 p.m.         Zoo